Corporate Website Renewal


THINKR has undergone a full renewal of its corporate website. With this renewal, we have revised the design and menu to make corporate information more accessible and understandable to everyone, and introduced new content. We will share our goals and the background of our diverse business ventures.

At THINKR, in line with recent market expansion and diversification of our business areas, we have challenged new ventures and revisited our business structure. Looking towards further business expansion and structural strengthening, we have updated our statement and business structure diagram, and also implemented a renewal of our corporate logo’s tagline. Through our message, we hope to deepen your understanding of our company. We invite you to read it.

In the future, to help you gain a deeper understanding of our philosophy and the nature of our business, we plan to release content that introduces our business and articles related to the roles and responsibilities of various positions.

Along with the renewal of our corporate website, we have also launched the website for ‘QA STUDIO,’ THINKR’s most proficient creative studio in client work. From design fields to creator management and content development, you can view our creative proposals covering multiple domains, backed by a wealth of experience and high technical expertise.

THINKR will continue to engage daily with multiple creators and partners, resonating with people’s hearts, and strive to create various content for everyone’s enjoyment.


Corporate Website Renewal