Create content with love.
We transform your ordinary daily life into beautiful, wonderful days.

THINKR is a collective of multiple creative studios with diverse functions, continuing to grow under a unique organizational structure.

Encounters with creative works that evoke deep emotions transform the mundane into days filled with excitement. We have repeatedly experimented to provide experiences where you can witness such dramatic moments.

Currently, with the rapid development of digital innovation represented by generative AI, the metaverse, and the token economy, we are approaching a transformative era that significantly changes people's lives and the way society has functioned until now.

In such a rapidly changing era, where change occurs at such a relentless pace, it may be the 'emotions,' those intrinsic to human instinct, that remain irreplaceable. We believe that the creativity which acts as a trigger for these emotions is absolutely essential.

As we approach the singularity in these chaotic times, there is great hope, yet the reality isn't always bright news. No matter how barren the world may become, 'creativity' in music, stories, and various genres has always encouraged people's hearts and provided the energy to move forward from despair. Even as lifestyles and business markets change, fundamentally, people seek creativity.

By rediscovering the beauty of 'things close at hand' and 'things with history' and slightly redesigning their relationships, we aim to create as many works as possible that reach the heart filled with love, overwrite the despair of someone yet unseen, and cause a gentle revolution within their five-meter radius of the world.

By fusing innovative, new elements with those that have been cherished throughout history, we aim to create new, beautiful innovations from Japan.

That is our mission at the dramatic design firm "THINKR".


Collaboration across different specialties advances creativity.
Comprehensive production through strong connections generates "fun" beyond imagination.


We offer comprehensive creative production, including branding, video production, and graphic design. Our team includes a diverse range of creators such as designers, filmmakers, and illustrators, enabling us to optimally deliver everything from proposals to implementation.


We manage and produce a wide variety of artists and creators, including music creators, singer-songwriters, virtual artists, filmmakers, designers, and illustrators. By facilitating various sessions, we carve out the expressive worlds of each individual and focus on nurturing new talent.


We handle the planning, development, operation, and management of our own original intellectual properties (IP). By cultivating our original IP and enhancing its value, we expand into multifaceted businesses including games, animation, live performances, comics, videos, and merchandise. All our content is based on unique stories, and we are committed to delivering a thoroughly crafted world view to our users.


Focusing on the live production of our affiliated artists, we provide innovative XR experiences that cross AR, VR, MR, and more. We own the XR live team "XRA," which produces the highest quality virtual live events in the country.


We aim to create advanced innovation by actively promoting R&D and utilizing cutting-edge technology in synergy with our co-creative in-house projects.