For each project, a specialized team brimming with creativity and knowledge is formed. Based on solid achievements, we realize effective creative production.

We receive direct requests from clients for artwork production, advertising, and video production, among other services. In addition to our creative solutions business, we also engage in a large number of creative productions related to our own intellectual property (IP). By merging multiple teams composed of professionals from various fields, we leverage the genre-defying design expertise that we have cultivated over the years as a cross-border design firm to achieve comprehensive creative production.


We internalize everything from the planning and production to the operation and promotion of artist management and content. With a flexible mindset and approach adapted to the changing times, we discover and nurture young talent.


Responsible for the planning and production of various music contents that lead the next generation of music business. Our management and label functions are integrated to conduct a 360° business. We offer a new work experience through highly unique creative expressions.


We manage artists and creators, ranging from virtual artists, singer-songwriters, composers, video creators, designers, to illustrators. We discover a wide variety of talents and support the growth of artists and the expansion of their musical activities.


We handle everything from the product planning to the sales of our own artists and IPs consistently. By maximizing profit margins without going through existing distribution channels, we enable investment in music production, video and music video creation, promotion, and returns to the artists.


Expanding and creating IP content through various collaborations while weaving stories through music.
We broadcast Japan's proud technology and culture to the world.


We develop original IP rich in character. Collaborating with in-house and external creators, authors, and companies, we create original story content that is in sync with the worldviews of artists, as well as various media mix works based on them.


We handle the development and production of original IP, from original creation to advertising production. With proposals that include the realm of art direction, we pursue new forms of animation expression.


The real world and the virtual world are merging, and the stories we create extend into even greater realms.
Through original IPs and live events, we seamlessly and enrichingly enhance the virtual world.


We are driving metaverse development based on original IP. In collaboration with the story prototyping company "FUKAIKA," which specializes in IP development for the Web3 era, we aim for comprehensive IP development, including metaverses and games.


We are engaged in various businesses such as performances based on music and video production. By utilizing high creativity and XR technology, we develop virtual entertainment where the virtual and the real intersect. We deliver a new experience that can be called a new perspective on the metaverse.


Cultivate a perspective for research and consideration while affirming and understanding the value of culture.
Forge ahead with interest and curiosity in the unknown.

We implement research and development of original and advanced story content utilizing cutting-edge technology. We pursue creative works that resonate with people's hearts and promote the creation of various innovations