"Design consulting firm, Thinking 'R' "

    Our company name "THINKR" has multiple meaning such as "THINK", and "R"=Revolution, Renovation, Rebuild and R&smp;D. "THINKR" means thinker=a person who thinks, and this reflects our most important work of not only design but also incorporates "design thinking". We do not seek only for "A" answers but we challenge to find a new "Q" questions. We mix design, technology, and experience to solve problems by design thinking for any genre.


    "Collective Power of Creators"

    THINKR is a creative company nurturing and widening career of creators. Individuals with unique talent gather in THINKR and form multiple studios & teams with variety of thoughts/ideas and expertise. Within a team, challenges repetitious try & error, and each team builds their collective power by collaborating with other teams. This allows us to build not just an in-house team, but also valuable and one-of-a-kind team and individuals like "Unicorns". The mission of THINKR is to become an interface of creators. We are a collection of creators and studios, and at the same time a design firm to build brands.


    "New Creator Management of New Era"

    THINKR is a production creative company and at the same time evolving as total creative studio with variety of creators and artists. To become a platform for creators beyond business organization, we manage creators who are core of THINKR, and not only accept consignment production but also develop original contents.


    "Creation of Contents with Love"

    2020's has had a big vision while it has been more of a hectic and chaotic environment with serious events. Even if the world is moving towards sterile world, creativity for music, art and other genre cheer up one's heart and help us come out of hopelessness of the world. We still crave for creativity, even if our life style or business environment changes.

    Our mission is to recognize things around us, acknowledge beauty of history, and to re-design inter-relationship to create rich contents with LOVE to make revolution in personal space in a radius of 5m.

    We think "R". We are THINKR.


  1. 01. ARTISTS

    We are evolving to become a total creator management company with wide variety of talent including video creator, designer, illustrator, music creator, virtual artist. We create new era entertainment by multiplying creators or their communities.

  2. 02. IP

    We create IP(intellectual property) of illustrations and characters from the ground. With contents development technique of today's SNS generation, we create original contents with our artists.

  3. 03. XR

    By connecting AR, VR and MR, we proactively offer XR experience and creative work.

  4. 04. DESIGN FIRM

    Core of THINKR is to criss cross multiple in-company teams with a holistic creative production, managing members of corporate branding, video creators, graphic designers…and more.