• Virtual Singer Group

KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO所属の花譜、理芽、春猿火、ヰ世界情緒、幸祜ら5人の電脳の魔女達が結集した、バーチャルアーティストグループ。




A virtual artist group consisting of five cyber witches from KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO, including KAF, RIM, Harusaruhi, Isekaijoucho, and KOKO.
With IORI KANZAKI as the main composer, they have released many songs that branch out from “Witch,” a popular song by KAF. Their music videos on YouTube have all garnered over a million views.
In April 2022, they held a two-day live event, Witch Coven (Majo Shukai) and Phenomenon (Gensho), at Toyosu Pit. At Gensho, their first solo live event, the group performed a number of “lineage songs” composed by IORI KANZAKI and sang “derivative songs” in different pairs.
The live performance ended successfully, demonstrating V.W.P.’s appeal to the fullest, combining the superior singing ability of the five members, the beauty of the visuals created with the help of numerous creators, and the massive sound of a big band.

由 KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO所属的花谱、理芽、春猿火、ヰ世界情绪和幸祜五名赛博魔女组成的虚拟歌手团体。
2022年4月,在丰洲PIT举行了为期2天的现场活动“魔女集会”和“现象” (現象) 。
在首场个人演唱会“现象” (現象) 中,除了神崎伊织的“家谱系歌曲”之外,他们还以不同组合演唱了多首“衍生歌曲”。