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イラストレーターloundraw、サウンドクリエイターHIDEYA KOJIMA、ボーカルT.B.Aの3人による、音楽と物語とアートがシンクロした新時代の音楽アート集団。
「君の膵臓をたべたい」「君は月夜に光り輝く」他、様々な作品の装画を手がけ、担当装画の累計発行部数は400万部を超し、自らも小説や漫画の執筆、アニメーション制作など、多彩な才能を発揮するloundrawが創り出すオリジナルかつ壮大な物語。その物語の中で生まれる音楽は、HIDEYA KOJIMAが生み出す楽曲にloundrawの歌詞が寄り添い、T.B.Aが歌うことで、音楽とアニメ、アート、小説がクロスオーバーしながら、多角的に物語が展開していく。

CHRONICLE is an art unit with illustrator, loundraw, sound creator, HIDEYA KOJIMA and vocalist, T.B.A. creating new generation music & art, which synchronizes story and art to music.
They have created the cover page of "I want to eat your pancreas" (Kimino suizo wo tabetai), "You will shine in the moon light" (Kimiwa tsukiyoni hikarikagayaku) and the total number of prints sums up to over 4million. Music that HIDEYA KOJIMA creates cuddles up to loundraw's lyrics, which also reflects back his work from his own novel, manga and animation, creating his original grand world. And T.B.A.'s vocal, music, animation, art and novel crossing over these elements creates multidirectional story.
They will walk through the path ins their own unique way that no one else has done before. "CHRONICLE" is the new axis of music & art, evolving and deepening by seeking for the new forms of expression.

由插画家loundraw,声音创作者HIDEYA KOJIMA,主唱T.B.A三人组成的音乐、故事与艺术交织的新时代综合艺术团队。 担任《我想吃掉你的胰臟/君の膵臓をたべたい》,《你在月色下闪耀/君は月夜に光り輝く》等作品的封面设计,由他担任设计的作品累积发行量已超过400万部,也亲自执笔小说,漫画和动画等,才华横溢的loundraw谱写着他的原创且宏大的故事。故事中诞生的音乐由HIDEYA KOJIMA创作,loundraw填词,T.B.A演唱,故事从多个角度展开,在音乐、动画、艺术和小说的之间纵横交错。