THINKR is a creative production that nurtures and spreads "creators" by making creative teams with them. We are a group of creative teams and a design farm that strategically builds brands. THINKR is transforming into a content producer and creator management company that functions by forming groups out of individuals and possesses the functions of a diversified design farm. We aim to be a studio in the new era that continues to produce zero-to-one original content with new IP creation methods.

Business Description
Design consulting / Digital communication strategy planning / Advertising planning and production / Art direction & design / Video production & producing / UI & UX design / Original planning and development of animation and game works / Digital content planning & production / Rights management / Media design / Produce of hands-on facilities / Artist produce / Creator & artist management /
  • 2007 Established Creative studio “ANSWR”
  • 2009 Moved the office to Ikejiri Ohashi
  • 2011 Established Group company “2.5D”
  • 2016 Integrated 2.5D business with ANSWR; newly established THINKR
  • 2016 Established the group company ".MP"
  • 2018 Moved the office to Aobadai and newly established “UNICORN STUDIO”


THINKR aims to become a platform for creators that goes beyond the company.To achieve this, we strengthen not only our contract production business as a conventional design farm but also we strengthen our management of “creators,” which are the basis of THINKR, and in the future, we intend to actively challenge ourselves in the original content development business.
As the new first step, we named the new THINKR base “UNICORN STUDIO.” We have created a shared office and a workspace where more creators can gather with functions such as a simple recording studio for shooting, live distribution, motion capture, and so on. We will strengthen this new base to collaborate with many people.