Design Consulting Firm Thinking “R”

"A design firm that thinks 'R'"

The company name THINKR bears a double meaning. By choosing this name we declare that we are a group of thinkers while pushing ourselves to think "R" ─ as in "revolution" , "renovation" , "rebuilding" and "R&D" among others.
A design firm's job is to design things. We, however, prioritize design thinking over design itself.
By taking advantage of today's technological advances, as well as our experience in design, we think about not only immediate answers but also about fundamental questions. We then explore, approaching problem solutions with our versatile design thinking.

Aggregation of creative teams

"A creative collective"

THINKR is determined to make thinkers who will one day contribute to a brighter future for the world.
In order to grow thinkers, we created teams within the company, each of which specializes in different areas of expertise with different concepts.
After each team explores possibilities by implementing the trial-and-error process, different teams specializing in different creative fields come together to collaborate. We don't work as an "in-house team".
Through collaboration among teams, each member on the project becomes a hybrid creator, which is a rarity like the unicorn. Hybrid and unique creators make their teams hybrid and unique.
THINKR is an interface for creators, which makes us an unparalleled creative collective, but we also believe it's our mission to become a design consultation firm that offers branding solutions.

Creator management of the new era

“A new take on representation for creative minds”

THINKR started out as a production company, but in recent years has expanded business as we started representing creators and artists in diverse fields while offering comprehensive production services and solutions to clients.
Our ultimate goal is to become a platform where creators both in and out of THINKR can gather. As our first step to achieving that goal, we set up a management department to represent creators, with whom we will not only continue creating designs for our clients, but also create original THINKR contents.

Produce content with love

“We create contents with love.”

With the turn of the decade approaching, we all have hope for a brighter future. But it's sometimes hard to maintain hope for a brighter morning during dark nights. However, creativity in any form, most notably in music and fine arts, has the transcending capability to empower people. It even has the power to inspire people to crawl out of their greatest times of despair. People's lifestyles may change. The business world may change. But people go on unchanged, always needing creativity in life.

We at THINKR take a close look at and appreciate what we have now, and what history has created, then reimagine it in contemporary context. Creating revolutions within people's personal spaces by creating fun contents with love — That, I believe, is our mission.

We think "R". We are thinkers.

Kenjiro Harigai ,CEO

Business Domain

01. Design Firm

THINKR is a crossover design firm where different groups of creatives specializing in different areas of expertise team up to create corporate design, graphic design, user interface/user experience design, moving images, and talent branding.

02. Business Development

We think not only immediate answers but also think fundamental questions. We then explore, approaching problem solutions with our versatile design thinking. We believe that that is our mission as a company. With "design thinking" as the key to what we do, we explore, create, and propose solutions for brand building, project planning, and business partnerships.

03. Management Talent Management/Representation

We are a talent management company representing diverse creators from diverse fields, including illustrators, moving image creators, art directors, creative directors, and musicians. The synergy between individual talents and the collective force creates a new form of entertainment.

04. IP Design Designing of Intellectual property

We at THINKR develop original contents, which can only be made in today's SNS era, and create value of intellectual property by designing illustrations and original characters from scratch.