Unicorn Studio
新たな第一歩として、THINKRの新拠点を「UNICORN STUDIO」と名付け、THINKRの事務所でありながら、社内外のクリエーターの為のシェアオフィスや撮影、ライブ配信、モーションキャプチャーの為の簡易収録スタジオなどの機能を持つ、より多くの作る人達が集まれるワークスペースを作りました。沢山の方々と協業するために、この新しい拠点を強化していきます。

THINKR aims to become a platform for creators that goes beyond the company.To achieve this, we strengthen not only our contract production business as a conventional design farm but also we strengthen our management of “creators,” which are the basis of THINKR, and in the future, we intend to actively challenge ourselves in the original content development business.
As the new first step, we named the new THINKR base “UNICORN STUDIO.” We have created a shared office and a workspace where more creators can gather with functions such as a simple recording studio for shooting, live distribution, motion capture, and so on. We will strengthen this new base to collaborate with many people.

作为实现以上目标的第一步,我们将公司的新据点命名为“UNICORN STUDIO”。在作为THINKR办公室的同时,新据点还将具备共享办公空间、摄影棚、直播间、简易动作捕捉棚等功能。可以满足公司内外各领域创作者的工作需求。 我们将持续完善新据点的各种功能,期待将来和更多创作者进行深入的合作。